Candidate Relations

A candidate who is also considering an opportunity with another company shall not be given false or misleading information about the other company to dissuade the candidate from accepting the position with the other company or to motivate the candidate to accept with position with our client. It is also improper to give the other company false or misleading information about the candidate for the same reason.

Reference checks shall not be conducted without the candidates permission.

Candidate information shall be used only in connection with our activities relating to the possible placement of the candidate. Confidential information will be treated appropriately.

Presentations made to potential candidates about positions shall be made from the best knowledge of the consultant.

A candidate shall be counselled not to tender his or her resignation from the candidates current position until the candidate has accepted a valid, firm and unconditional offer from a propective employer.

Resumes or CVs shall not be sent without a candidate's permission, unless the candidate is not identified in the resume or CV.

No fee or other financial incentive shall be shared with a candidate.

Candidate CVs will not be amended or changed in any way without the consent of the candidate.