Client Relations

A consultant shall inform his client companies of our service charges/fees prior to accepting an assignment.

A consultant shall not recruit a candidate, directly or indirectly, from a client company where MRI Manserv AG placed the candidate. If such a candidate initiates a request to be placed elsewhere, the consultant will attempt to discuss the reasons for the request in an attempt to resolve any problem between the candidate and the client. If the problem cannot be resolved, the candidate must provide a written acknowledgement that the candidate initiated the contact and requested MRI Manserv services before he/she can be provided with placement assistance. 

Unsolicited resumes or CVs are not sent to prospective clients.  An unsolicited resume or CV may be sent to an actual client only when prior experience of dealing with that client has established that the receipt of such a resume will be welcomed. No candidate documentation shall be sent to a client or prospective client either in electronic or hard copy form without the prior consent of the candidate.

Confidential information will be treated appropriately.

All relevant and reliable reference information, favourable and unfavourable, shall be shared with the client. Information protected by law is not included in this category.

A consultant shall not present a candidate to a client until the candidate has been interviewed by phone or otherwise by a member of Manserv staff.