General Information

MRI Manserv AG has a strong interest to talk to potentially interested applicants regarding executive search careers within Manserv.

There are several potential entry points to a career in search, dependent upon the qualifications, experience, profile and ambitions of a candidate. The various entry points are:

  • Early Career entrant. Often a university graduate with little or only 1-2 years career experience. The candidate must have excellent communication skills, be extrovert, easily develop rapport and be strongly motivated for a career in search.
  • Mid Level Career entrant with NO executive search experience. The candidate must have established an excellent track record in a particular industry or function. They are likely to have sales experience or a strong affinity towards sales.
  • Mid Level Career entrant who not only has an established track record but has at least 1-2 years or recruitment or search experience.
  • MRI Manserv AG partner. These candidates are usually mid level executives who either have search experience or a strong desire to move into search. Their geographical location however prevents them from working on a daily basis from the Manserv office. Manserv has installed special remote access to our systems and databases etc to enable remote working.
  • MRINetwork franchise partner. For candidates with the right profile and with sufficient funding and interest to develop their own franchised office MRINetwork provides award winning training to enable a new owner to develop his own executive search company.

If you are interested to learn more about a career in executive search with Manserv then please apply directly to Mr. John Steele, Reference Careers in Search, at