Search Consultant as Manserv Partner

For suitably experienced individuals having a strong sales ability with or without search or recruitment experience it is possible to join with Manserv to develop a joint venture search consultancy trading under the Manserv name. The full range of MRINetwork training support and resources are available to such a partner as well as the back office and support functions of Manserv. The partner will also have complete access to the Manserv candidate database as well as other Manserv resources.

Candidates for these positions can be located in a number of European countries and interested applicants should contact John Steele directly to find out more. Successful candidates will be able to work independently, generate their own customer base and be strongly entrepreneurial. These positions enable suitable individuals to develop their own executive search organisation with minimum financial investment while having the support and reach of a global search organisation and a well established search partner, MRI Manserv AG