Our Streamlined Search Methodology

MRINetwork™ has been a leader and innovator in recruitment for more than 40 years. This experience means we have been able to develop special techniques to pinpoint those people who can become the heart of your business-when and where you need them. Our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment approach is a customized combination of our streamlined methodology and the knowledge of our industry experts, from all over the world, designed specifically to help you target your next impact player. Couple this with the 25 years practical search experience of Manserv across Europe and elsewhere and our clients have a unique recruitment resource able to identify and deliver your next Impact Player at the pace your business demands.
The MRINetwork Way™ consists of 2 separate, but interlocking components

1. MRINetwork Way Sequences™
2. MRINetwork Way Skillsets™

Manserv MRINetwork staff are continually trained to implement these steps to deliver the most efficient and precise hiring solution through the comprehensive MRINetwork Way Curriculum™, which utilises over 40 real-life tested MRINetwork Way Models™. Couple this unique methodology and training to the 25 years of practical search experience of Manserv and we are ideally placed to assist our clients to fulfil their recruitment requirements.