Videoconferencing resources

MRI created ConferView(r), its 400-site videoconferencing network, to allow clients to conduct face-to-face interviews with long-distance candidates.

ConferView Interview Advantages

Saving Travel Time and Expense. Busy clients conduct candidate interviews without spending unnecessary time and expense traveling to interview locations.

Multiple Interviews. Clients conduct multiple-candidate interviews to help narrow the selection and use videotapes of interviews for viewing by other staff members.

State-of-the-Art Technology. ConferView uses the latest digital compression technology to provide live, interactive interview settings where clients not only see and speak directly with candidates, but also observe body language and other subtleties involved in the interview process.

Other ConferView Applications

Meetings. Up to 120 ConferView sites can be simultaneously linked, allowing clients to use the network for business events, such as sales meetings, regional meetings, inter-office meetings, news conferences or new product introductions.

Training Sessions. ConferView can be scheduled for one-hour, one-day or one-week training sessions or seminars with participants gathering at multiple locations. Sessions are conducted from the ConferView site closest to the moderator.