Using Manserv - Your Advantage

MRI Manserv AG was founded in 1982 as Manserv AG and joined the MRI network in 1996 and has since won several company achievement awards recognizing its contribution to the network and the search industry. Manserv has a network of consultants in addition to the main office in Wil in Switzerland. Currently consultants are based in Hamburg, Basel and Zurich.

Owner, John Steele and his staff have been recognised for the excellent performance of his office by winning an number of company awards. John has also served on the The Millennium Committee, an internal "think tank" that assisted MRI to develop future strategies and new services for the MRI network as a whole. He currently serves on  the MRINetwork Operating Committee.

 Due to our experienced, multilingual staff we are able to conduct search projects in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. We have experience of recruitment throughout Europe and including Russia and the Middle East.

The key to our success in serving you are our people, our process and our commitment.

As specialists in designated industries, our experienced account executives participate in project teams that find the perfect candidates for the positions you have open. This teamwork results in a clear understanding of your requirements and our ability to respond to your needs. In effect, we become your staffing partner.

Our process to solve your staffing needs is simple: We listen. We understand. We implement.
  • Listen - To be successful, we need to know about your culture, your short- and long-term goals, the type of person who succeeds in your organisation. We'll ask questions . . . then we'll listen and absorb.
  • Understand - Having a thorough knowledge of the industry or industries you serve is essential to us since we form teams to leverage industry and position knowledge on your behalf.
  • Implement - Searching and finding the best candidates are the hallmarks of our professionalism. We accomplish this through exhaustive research, comprehensive candidate contacts and in-depth reference checks. Only then is the candidate presented to you for interviews and evaluation.
Our clients know we meet our commitments, and the proof is their high level of satisfaction. To achieve the ideal fit, we know your objectives and we provide only top quality candidates for your consideration - the impact players. Our services expand to related industries depending on the needs of our clients. Whether we work on a retained, priority or contingency search basis, and whether you are an employer or a candidate, our experienced Account Executives provide quality consultative search and recruitment which produce real results.