Steps to Leadership
In order to lead effectively and without burnout you have to know yourself and the factors which influence your behaviour, reactions and expectations. This modular course is developed by the VisionWorks Master Trainer, Jeff Allen from the over 25 years research,  counselling and workshop experience of the American Dr. Chuck Spezzano. Themes covered in this serious of modules include relationships, communications, the psychology of emotions, convictions and beliefs, relationships and family dynamics, power struggle, projection, responsibility, emotional evolution.

Manserv offers these courses as a series of one or two day sessions for small groups. Courses are run after comsultation with participants to determine convenient dates.

The courses can be given either to groups from one company or for individuals from several companies.

Please contact John Steele for more information

Fundamentals of Success
This 12 modular programme is designed to present the essential elements of success to small groups of people. This key information results in a greater ability to solve problems and therefore help ourselves and others.

It is the intention of the programme to give a set of tools that allows participants to approach most situations and create a positive outcome.These techniques of effective communication and principles of accountability provide a good foundation for lasting success in a world that is changing faster and faster.  The 12 modules are titled: There Has To Be A Better Way; We Are More Than We Think; What Went Wrong; What Communication?; It's A Nightmare; Its Not  My Fault; Evolution Not Revolution; I'm An Eagle And They're All Turkeys; Great Minds Do Not Think Alike; Who's In Charge Here; Achievement And Success. 

These modules can be given to small groups. Please contact John Steele for further information