Senior Experimental Physicist

Senior Experimental Physicist

Our client is a small, specialized organisation dedicated to the development of X Ray equipment to enable companies to obtain 2D and 3D images of an oil well and the downhole hardware regardless of the nature of the fluid within. The company has spent $ 200 M in research since its foundation to develop a unique device which comprises a compact power supply, compact X-ray sources, solid state pixelated photon counting detectors, thermal management technology and deep learning technology.

The result is a cutting-edge technology device which works up to a temperature of 125°C and a pressure of 10,000 psi.  The HV supply generates +/-200kV and fits inside a 65mm tube, the X ray source develops 10,000 to 40,000 Ci and the solid-state photon counting device boasts 100,000 -160,000 pixels. This unique device does not require a chemical nuclear source thereby offering a safer and greener environmental performance to meet the increasingly stringent government safety regulations.

To further the continuing development of this game changing X-Ray technology we are seeking a

 Senior Experimental Physicist

To join a small team of highly qualified and culturally diverse scientists based in Katy, Texas.


The successful candidate will design, execute and analyze results of experiments to develop and invent new technologies and tools based on this unique X-ray technology. While X-ray technology experience is preferred the candidate requires a solid experience in development and testing, probably with a Ph.D. level education in a specialization in areas such as atomic, molecular, radiation or nuclear physics.


The successful candidate is likely to have at least 5 years of experience in applied projects, setting and prioritizing achievable goals. He / She will be a self-starter requiring little or no supervision and able to integrate into a highly professional and results oriented team. The company has a strong participation culture where every team member is known to the top management and individual achievements are seen and recognized throughout the organisation.

If you have the necessary experience and are motivated to work in a game changing technical environment where your contribution has a recognizable impact in the successful further development of the technology then contact us and send your resume to:

John Steele

MRI Manserv AG
+41 78 688 7071

Only qualified candidates with above mentioned experiences will be answered.

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