Further expansion of Optical & Camera Solutions, Machine Vision Technology and their Applications:

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While many sectors of industry are anticipating a downturn in activity in 2023 and some have not fully recovered from the Covid situation, several sectors have been growing and are set to continue their growth. Such a sector is High Performance Digital Cameras and Machine Vision Technologies. Applications for these specialist devices are not only across scientific disciplines but also there are increasing applications within a broad range of industries. Independently of which applications these devices are used for, e.g. quality control, industrial automation, material processing and others: the increasing importance and demand for these cameras, equipment and components are anticipated to grow more quickly. This as a result of increasing pressures such bringing manufacturing closer to home (supply chain), robotics and 3D printing – additive manufacturing, increasing quality demands, etc.
Another commonality of companies producing and selling Camera and Sensor solutions is, that they are often experiencing difficulties in identifying and recruiting experienced staff. Often the candidate requirement of these companies are very specific, as for example the world of camera solutions for OEM for Robotics is different to camera solutions for OEM for science. As a result for a given position the potential candidate pool is rather small and is more specific. The “war for talents and experts” has been challenging for some time and is likely to become even tougher.
MRI Manserv has been successfully assisting companies in this arena to identify and recruit the personnel they need. We have been and will be supporting attractive companies in this appealing and complex market. In case you are open for an exchange about other career possibilities for you in Machine Vision and/or Optical Solutions in the next 6, 12 or even 24 months, feel free to reach out to me, independently of whether you are coming from the Science or the Engineering side.

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