We are passionate about our expertise in the challenging field of Analytical Instruments & Measurement Equipment. This includes complex High Tech Equipment such as AFM, SEM and TEM, X Ray, Spectroscopy, Ultrashort Pulse (USP) Laser, etc.

In common with many of our clients, we started with projects for their Academic business unit. Over the years we have expanded our search activity in this sector to include B2B Industrial and OEM business as well. Analytical Instruments are increasingly being applied in the field of industry 4.0., Inline Automation of NDT for example. There is growing competition for experienced Key People because of a shortage of qualified and experienced people.


Our experience in industrial, manufacturing and automation covers a wide spectrum of industries going back to our formation in 1982. Sectors include, automotive, machine tools, alternative and traditional energy, energy storage (batteries), automated access systems, electrical and electronic manufacturing, fastening systems and CDMO (pharma).

Positions filled (examples) cover sales & sales management, customer service, purchasing and supply chain, quality, technical, product development, plant management and general management.


Starting in 2001, we have become experts within the Medical Devices Sector. We are one of the top head hunting firms when it comes to Orthopaedic search projects (Recon, Trauma, Orthobiologics, Spine Surgery, etc.) and we also have an excellence pan European network in other disciplines such as Surgical Instruments, Robotics, Cardiac Surgery, OR and Med. Equipment.

We consistently prove that we can find key personnel for our clients regardless of how tight the candidate market may be and where client efforts to recruit through use of internet posts have not brought the required success. We have an excellent knowledge of European based companies in these sectors from small start ups to large international companies.


We have many years of experience of working in the IT sector going back to 1997. We have gathered experience in both hard and software, solutions and services including SaaS and SDN.

Increasingly issues connected with the Cloud are gaining in importance. Topics such as , data security and GDPR privacy conformity are increasingly important . Communications and safety especially in regard to such things as GDPR conformity, email security, data loss etc are and will continue to be important issues which will involve both Manserv and our clients. We have worked for both large international organisations as well as mid-size and start-up companies.