MRI Manserv was formed in Switzerland in 1982 by John Steele and is a classical direct executive search company which now combines the experience of time intensive manual search and the speed and easily available data of the new technologies.

The company is now run in the second generation by Alex Steele, the current Managing Director.

Many positions can be filled through your own company efforts and internal recruiters using personal contacts, job postings, Linkedin and other helpful data sources. However there are always situations where internal recruiters are not suitable for example because high confidentiality is required or where a particularly difficult search requires more time than is available because of conflicting projects which must be managed. In our more than 35 years of search experience we have gained numerous examples of successfully completing exactly these type of searches.

We have a strong track record in Europe and are excellent in identifying not only active job seekers but the more difficult to find passive candidates who may not even be in the popular internet platforms. Over the years we have successfully assisted leading international, medium sized and start up companies in recruiting top talent across Europe. In addition we have access to the MRI community of over 325 offices around the world to fill other international projects

MRI Manserv is one of the most successful MRI offices in Europe and has a high internal and external reputation globally. To meet our top management team click TEAM below.


MRI is one of the leading global Executive Search firms.

Since 1965 when the MRI Network was first founded by Alan R.Schonberg, MRI has grown to become a respected and reliable recruitment partner with over 325 offices Worldwide. MRI Manserv provides the portal to this recruitment community which  enables us to connect our clients to the broadest range of skills, sector expertise and geographical locations. This ensures that the best resource is always available to our clients as required to ensure “best of class” service for each particular project wherever that may.

MRI is recognised as the recruitment organisation with probably the best training within the recruiting industry using the latest technology and techniques and developed over more than 50 years. Indeed MRI has trained over 25,000 recruiters and many in the industry today have learnt their skills through the MRI training programmes. We, MRI Manserv, are therefore able to guarantee quality and consistency of service for our clients reinforced by receiving continuous up to date training.

MRI Network is proud to be at the forefront of using new technology in this digital age which is changing how we work. We have our own creative agency, BCC Co. which has been founded specifically for the purpose of shifting from outbound to inbound marketing and is available to MRI clients. The MRI experts work with your team to develop your thought leadership and branding strategy. They then bring that strategy to life through high value, high impact content that informs, inspires and contributes to the world of work