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We believe successful recruitment is dependent upon understanding:

Understanding the job clearly, beyond the job profile.

Understanding the sector: who are the competitors and where are they based, what are the potential sources, what is their technology?

Understanding the client, its corporate culture, its structure, its style, its process.

Understanding the candidates: what are their motives for changing, why now, etc?

 John Steele Founder MRI Manserv



Successful recruitment is not a question of chance. It is the application of a well proven process by a well trained consultant using traditional search methodologies together with the advantages of today’s technology and big data. The most critical component for success however, is understanding. We are convinced that understanding our clients’ needs and their company culture is a significant component for recruiting top candidates. 

Our successful track record, developed over years in direct search, give us a justified confidence that we can fill even the toughest assignment.

Many positions can be filled through your own company efforts and internal recruiters using personal contacts, job postings and social media. We are your partner for the roles where more is needed. Our promise is: we fill those critical roles where others may fail.

A search partnership with MRI Manserv brings some very clear benefits as listed below in “the value of Direct Search with MRI Manserv”.

The Value of Direct Search With MRI Manserv:

We find your Key Person

We invest considerable time in identifying, approaching and evaluating potential candidates for your search.

We are proud to say that we are excellent in identifying not only active job seekers but also the more difficult to find passive candidates.

We ensure that we have a broader and deeper candidate pool using our classical direct search methodology complemented by social networking databases.

After identification of a potential candidate we are careful to present both the employer and the job in a positive and motivating way to encourage their interest in the opportunity.

Our methodology ensures that the shortlisted candidates are the best available, so that you are assured that the person to whom you make the offer is the best for the job.

We achieve an acceptance rate of around 95%. In addition many of our placed candidates stay with the new employer longterm, delivering top results over years and building their careers (see testimonials).

Strengthening your employer brand

Most companies spend considerable time, effort and money on developing the awareness and reputation of their company products and services. However many companies underestimate the impact of their recruitment “brand”. This is maybe OK if you are a Google, Medtronic or a Tesla etc but most companies do not have this luxury.

When we are speaking to potential candidates we invest considerable effort on describing your company, the attractiveness of your organisation and your opportunity. This guarantees that candidates get a positive impression of your company.

We are also trying to “plant a growing seed” with candidates even if they are not interested in a career change at that time. We put your company on their radar. This helps make future recruitment easier, particularly because our efforts are applied directly where it counts i.e. with key performers amongst your sector and competitors.

Our success in this activity is proven and shown by some of our client testimonials.

We save your time

Your time is both valuable and restricted. We therefore invest our time to ensure that we do not unnecessarily use yours.

We believe a thorough briefing guarantees that we know exactly what you are seeking and why the position could be attractive to the right candidates. This avoids losing time presenting candidates that are not totally suited to your opportunity and helps us attract the key players.

To achieve our high acceptance rate of around 95% we use our empathy, long experience and continuing training. We clearly minimise the risk that the right person withdraws or rejects your offer. Candidate withdrawal can be a significant problem often taking too much time and delaying a successful recruitment.

We can say that, in certain aspects, we know our candidates better than their friends do.

You can be sure you choose the best

Because we have known our sectors for many years, we have in-depth knowledge regarding potential candidates, often having followed their careers for 10 – 20 years.

At the same time we restrict the number of clients we work with in any defined sector, so that there is no danger of conflict of interests by having two clients who are direct competitors. This way you can be certain to have available the largest pool of potential candidates and you can recruit the one most suited to your needs.

The combination of direct search and use of the newest technology ensures that no interesting candidate is missed.

No LinkedIn spaming: presenting the opportunity by phone

Many recruiters save time by mass mailing potential candidates via LinkedIn, Xing, Monster etc. This generally produces many responses and can, possibly, result in a hire. However it is dependent on the candidate responding to a mass mail. Are the best candidates responding to a mass mail or even a job post?  Good people receive such approaches sometimes as often as several times per week. They can quickly identify these unsolicited messages and will usually ignore them. There is the obvious risk that with mass mailing you are attracting the candidates you probably want to avoid.

We also use these platforms to identify possible candidates to ensure we produce the largest possible candidate pool but our first contact is overwhelmingly a more personal telephone call, rather than a standard inmail etc. Here we are able to determine the potential candidates suitability, their willingness for a career move, career objectives etc. This generally gives a more professional image to both us and our client even if they are not ready for their next career move and we avoid any risk of loss of reputation.

Ideal complement to your internal recruiters

Your inhouse recruiters can do a great job recruiting for you, using the usual social media platforms. However they usually have several recruitment projects going on simultaneously for different line managers or different departments of the organisation. In addition they sometimes have conflicting priorities limiting the time available for a detailed search if this is required for best results.

This means that for some challenging or confidential searches, they are unable to invest the time to identify and evaluate candidates to the depth that we do. Additionally they do rarely have the network of contacts that we have developed over our more than 35 years of recruitment experience. This means that their candidates tend to be active candidates who are seeking a career change rather than those candidates that are open to the right career move but not actively seeking one. We know such candidates, many of them for several years as we have followed their careers. We can contact them directly when we consider there is a match between the candidate’s wishes and client requirements. Hence our services augment and complement those of your internal recruiters when it is critical that  absolutely the best candidates can be contacted and presented.

Stamina, skills and commitment to fill all positions

When we accept a recruitment project we are committed to produce a successful recruitment for you, regardless of what it takes. For us, every single search project counts and through our expertise of over 35 years we have learnt: we have the skills and the committment to fill the hardest searches.


Some projects are relatively straight forward and others are very difficult and are very time intensive. Factors such as geographical location, not very competitive salaries, particular knowledge and experience requirements of the position, poor recruitment brand etc. all these make things more difficult to recruit a high calibre performer. 

Not all our competitors are committed to invest what it takes until the best candidate has been identified and recruited. It is our commitment to our clients that we will continue your search until you are satisfied we have produced the best possible candidate.